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Message from Superintendent

posted Mar 1, 2014, 4:49 PM by TC Travis
Message to Wray RD-2 Students, parents, teachers, community from
Morris D. Ververs, Ed.D. Interim Superintendent

Solving Problems in Wray RD-2

The Wray Board of Education has adopted a time honored and effective procedure to address issues and problems related to the education of kids.  This procedure is recommended by the Colorado Association of School Boards in a policy that reflects what has been learned over the years about effective school board governance.  The policy essentially says that any problem or issue resolution should begin at the source of the problem.  It is a natural inclination to “go right to the top.”  When that happens, however, it undermines the people who are most capable of solving the problem.  From time to time this has been problematic in the Wray RD-2 School District.  The Board is committed to establish a system that will assist administrators, teachers and the school board to address problems and issues in a way that enhances the quest for quality education for each and every student in the school district.  It will also improve the ability of parents to have problems heard and addressed at their source, and to enhance their ability to advocate for good education for their children. 

The Board is undergoing a significant review of all of its policies.  The following Colorado Association of School Board recommended policy will be considered for formal adoption during the next few months.  

File:  KE

Public Concerns

Constructive criticism motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of the educational program or to equip the school to do its task more effectively is welcomed by the Board of Education. 

The Board believes that concerns and grievances are best handled and resolved as close to their origin as possible.  Therefore, the proper channeling of concerns involving instruction, discipline or learning materials will be as follows: 

 1.     Teacher
 2.     Principal
 3.     Superintendent
 4.     Board of Education

Any concern about school personnel shall always be referred back through proper administrative channels before it is presented to the Board for consideration and action.

When a concern is expressed directly to an individual Board member, the procedure outlined below shall be followed:

1.     The Board member shall refer the person expressing the concern to the principal or superintendent.

2.     If the person will not personally present his concern to the principal or superintendent, the Board member shall then ask that the concern be written and signed.  The Board member may then refer the concern to the principal or superintendent for investigation. 

3.     If at any time the person expressing the concern feels that he has not been given a satisfactory reply from the principal, he should be advised to consult with the superintendent and, if still not satisfied, to request that the concern be heard by the Board of Education.