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Wray High School Students Do Well at World Language Day

posted Apr 21, 2015, 7:18 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 21, 2015, 7:57 AM ]

Several Wray High School students participated in the University of Northern Colorado’s World Language Day on April 16, 2015.  Each year, the university hosts high school foreign language students from Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming for a day of competitions, workshops, cultural activities, and exploration of career opportunities for foreign language majors.

There are many types of competition, ranging from individual speaking competitions (both prepared and extemporaneous) to group skits, cultural songs and dances, and dramatic presentations. 

The Video Commercial Competition is a contest where students work collaboratively to plan, write, film, edit, and submit an original commercial, all in the target language.  UNC professors then judge the commercials.  The judging criteria are memorization, pronunciation, dramatic blocking, cultural relevance, and creativity.  The commercials cannot be based on any existing commercials. 

Wray High School submitted five commercials for the competition, one in German and four in Spanish.  All five of the submissions placed, sweeping the first place positions in the contests entered. 

Mrs. Rebis’s German Club from Wray High School took top honors in the Video Commercial Competition for German, level 2. 

Mr. Harmsen’s 7th hour Spanish 1 class took first place with its commercial, “Ayer de los Muertos.”  The 1st hour Spanish 1 class took third place with its video, “Piñatas de Fiesta.”

The Spanish 2 class from 4th hour took first place with its submission, “Teleportador.”  The 2nd hour Spanish 2 class took second place with “Escuela Tradicional de Arte Español.”

Annika Harmsen won third place with her speech, “Who Am I?” This is a speech competition for first year Spanish students.  Ayde Morales won second place with her speech for the Heritage Spanish Speakers Competition.

Miguel Huerta competed in the extemporaneous speaking competition, and Luis Mireles sang a solo in the individual talent competition.  Maryse Schafer took part in the art competition.

The handcrafted piñata submitted by Maryse Schafer, Emily LeFever, Guadalupe Saenz, and Michelle Moreno won second place in the piñatas competition.

“I was very proud of our kids,” said Glenn Harmsen, Spanish teacher at Wray High School.  “It was great to see them get out there and positively represent Wray High School and the community of Wray by being very competitive with the big high schools from Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.  The only schools that took home more ribbons and trophies in the Spanish competitions were Holy Family High School and Union Colony Preparatory School.  It is a great opportunity for our kids to go and see the career opportunities that are available for bilingual students and to see the important role they will play in the global politics of the future.  In order for the United States to remain a leader on the global stage it is critical that our young people have the cultural awareness and knowledge to thrive in a world that just grows smaller and smaller and more interconnected.”

“It is exciting to see our students do so well in such a competitive atmosphere,” added Kelley Rebis, German teacher at Wray High School.

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Submission by: Mr. Glenn Harmsen