iPad Tricks and Tips

Buttons on the iPad

external image ipadbuttonssilver.png

The On/Off Button

To turn on

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

To turn off

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then slide the slider.


Quickly press the Sleep/Wake button once.

Silent/Screen Rotation Lock Switch

When the switch is set to Silent mode — the down position, with an orange dot visible on the switch — your iPad doesn't make any sound when you receive new mail or an alert pops up on the screen. Note that the Mute switch doesn't silence what we think of as "expected" sounds, which are sounds you expect to hear in a particular app. Therefore, it doesn't silence the iTunes or Videos apps, nor will it mute games and other apps that emit noises. About the only thing the Mute switch will mute are "unexpected" sounds, such as those associated with notifications from apps or the iPad operating system (iOS).
Changing this switch to control screen lock is done in settings.

Volume Button

The upper part of the button increases the volume; the lower part decreases it.

Quick volume mute

To quickly mute your iPad press and hold the Volume-down button.

Home button

No matter what you're doing, you can press the Home button at any time to display the Home screen on your iPad.
external image ipad-home-button.png

Single click Home Button

  • If your iPad is sleeping and you click the Home Button it will wake up and ask you to slide to unlock.
  • If you’re in an app like Safari, Mail, Angry Birds, etc. and you click the Home Button you’ll return to the Home Screen with all your app icons.
  • If you’re on your second or third Home Screen and click the Home Button you’ll return to your main (first) Home Screen.
  • If you’re on your main (first) Home Screen and click the Home Button you’ll go to Spotlight Search.
  • If you’re on Spotlight Search and click the Home Button you’ll go back to your main (first) Home Screen.

Double click Home Button

  • If your iPad is sleeping but still playing music or media (iPad app, iTunes app, etc.) and you double click the Home Button the iPad controls will pop up on the lock screen so you can play, pause, skip, etc.
  • If you’re on the Home Screen or using an app and you double click the Home Button the multitasking Fast App Switcher Dock will be revealed so you can quickly switch between apps or swipe over to the audio, brightness, orientation lock, and other widget controls.

Navigating the iPad

Settings Folder - this is not a complete list of ALL the settings.


To adjust settings related to joining Wi-Fi networks select WiFi in the settings menu. You can turn on or turn off Ask to Join Networks. If you turn off the Ask to Join Networks setting you can still join any network that will have you from this same screen, it just won't bug you constantly when the opportunity arises.


Notifications are a way for iOS apps to provide alerts and related information. It's easy to modify them on the iPad. Go to Settings, Notifications, and configure which alerts (and accompanying sounds) will appear.

General Tab

About – Gives you the run down on your iPad.

Spotlight searches

Swipe left on the Home screen to reveal the Spotlight search. By default it searches everything including songs in your iPod, podcasts, apps and events. To restrict the areas it searches, since you may not want all these categories included, look in Settings > General > Spotlight Search.


This locks your iPad after a set number of minutes.  Default is 2 min.  


You are required to set a 6 alphanumeric passcode for your device.  You can change it by visiting the Settings – Passcode area of your iPad.  You will erase all your data after 10 unsuccessful attempts.  Visit the technology department after 6 unsuccessful attempts to reset your passcode.


None of these settings can be changed by school managed devices.

Orientation Lock or Mute

To lock the rotation of your iPad or mute your iPad visit Settings > General to choose between Lock Rotation and Mute.
You can also do this by clicking on the Home Button twice and swifting to the left.


Additional keyboards can be activated, such as a foreign language or emoji.
Here’s where you can adjust ringers and alerts, set ring tones, mail alerts, etc…

Picture Frame

Your iPad doubles as a digital picture frame. In the settings you can change the speed, and turn off “zoom in on faces” as this tends to grain the images.
When you wake the iPad, look to the right of Slide to Unlock. You'll see a flower. Click it. The slideshow will begin after a moment.


iCloud stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to your devices. This is where you can backup (up to 5 g) of data for free.
Mail, Contacts, Calendars
This is where you will manage email accounts, calandars, and contacts.
You can also change your change your signature on this tab, preview more of your mail and change the nature of how you get your mail (fetch new data). Students are required to setup their wraystudents.org account
  • Add Account
  • Gmail
  • Type in your name, full email address, password and description


You can change the default font.


Set up the ability to send chats to other iOS clients.


Setup preferences for facetime.