Food Service

Wray School District's Food Service Staff works hard to create meals for your children.  On average our kitchens together serve 10,919 breakfast meals and 9,250 lunch meals per month.  They keep kitchens clean and meet Food Safety standards set by the Colorado Department of Public Health.  


Wray School District participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs and the K-8 Reimbursement Program offered by the State of Colorado.  These programs provide reimbursement for students who qualify based on income.  The Food Service Department is funded separately from the General Fund.  The Wray School District General Fund receives "at risk" funding based on our percentage of students who qualify for these services.  This keeps your tax dollars in the classroom and this is why we encourage everyone to participate in completing an application.

All information shared on the Free/Reduced Lunch Application is confidential and protected by law.  Applications are accepted throughout the year.  You may apply as your needs change.

Meal Prices      

 Breakfast WES Lunch
 BMS Lunch
 WHS Lunch
 Adult Lunch
 Additional Milk        
$0.75 $2.15 $2.20 $2.60 $3.25  $0.25

Please feel free to join your child for lunch at any time.  You must pay in the school office prior to eating.

Meal Accounts

Because the Food Service Department is separate from the General Fund, we ask that you keep your child's lunch account above zero.  We have a new policy (EF-E-1) that states you may charge up to $100, and after that, if no payment is made, your child will not be able to eat school meals.  If you are having difficulty paying for meals, please contact your child's teacher, principal, or the food service accountant immediately.  Payment options are available and, in cases of hardship, we can help.  You may check your child's lunch balance by using Powerschool.

Meet the Staff

     Food Service Director                       WES/WHS Kitchen Manager                        BMS Kitchen Manager
          Rosie Jones, ext. 3704                                        Janet Ohlson, ext. 3794                                            Lisa Timmer, ext. 3603
     WES/WHS Cook                     WES/WHS Cook                     BMS Cook                                BMS Cook   
             Angela Rios                          Nubia Trejo Quintana                              Nancy Smith                                    Cecilia Wasson