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B Policies

Section B of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system is a repository for statements about the school board - how it is elected, organized, how it conducts its meetings and operates.  This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the board’s internal operating procedures.
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PolicyDescriptionStatusDate Updated
PolicyDescriptionStatusDate Updated
BAA Evaluation of School Board/Board Evaluation   
BB School Board Legal Status   
BBA School Board Powers and Responsibilities   
BBAA Board Member Authority   
BBBA Board Member Qualifications   
BBBB Board Member Oath of Office   
BBBC Board Member Resignation/Removal from Office   
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies   
BBBG School Board Elections   
BC School Board Member Conduct   
BCA Board Member Code of Ethics   
BCB School Board Member Conflict of Interest   
BCFA Accountability Advisory Comnittees   
BC-R School Board Member Financial Disclosure   
BDA Board Organizational Meeting   
BDB Board Officers   
BDF Advisory Committees   
BDFA District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council   
BDFB Career & Technical Advisory Council   
BDFC Preschool Council   
BDFD District Safe and Drug-Free Schools Advisory Council   
BE Board of Education Meetings   
BEAA Electronic Participation in School Board Meetings   
BEB Appointed Board Officials   
BEC Executive Sessions/Open Meetings   
BEDA Notification of Board Meetings   
BEDB Agenda   
BEDC Quorum   
BEDD Rules of Order   
BEDE Policy Disseminiation   
BEDF Voting Method   
BEDG Minutes   
BEDH Public Participation at School Board Meetings   
BFGB Board Staff Communications   
BFGB-R Meet and Confer   
BFGC Board Student Communications   
BG School Board Policy Process   
BHBA School Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops   
Showing 38 items