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G Policies

Section G of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies and regulations and exhibits on all school employees except for the superintendent (policies on the school chief are located in Section C, General Administration).  The category is divided into three main divisions:  GB has policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel maters; GC refers to instructional and administrative staff and GD refers to support or classified staff.
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GBA Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity 
GBAA Sexual Harassment 
GBC-E-1 Teacher Contract 
GBDA-E-1 Bus Driver Salary Schedule 
GBDA-E-2 Support Staff Salary Schedule 
GBEA Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest 
GBEA-R Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest 
GBEB Staff Conduct 
GBEBA Staff Dress Code 
GBEBC Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff 
GBEC Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace 
GBEC-E Employee Acknowledgement Form - Drug Free Workplace 
GBED Tobacco Free Workplace 
GBEE Staff Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications 
GBEE-E Staff Use of the Internet - Acceptable Use Policy 
GBG Liability of School Personnel Staff Protection 
GBGA Staff Health 
GBGA-R Staff Health - HIV/AIDS 
GBGB Staff Personal Security and Safety 
GBGD Worker's Compensation 
GBGE Staff Maternity Paternity Parental Leave 
GBGF Federally Mandated Family and Medical Leave 
GBGF-E Certification of Physician or Practitioner FMLA 
GBGF-R Federally Mandated Family and Medical Leave 
GBGI Staff Military Leave 
GBGJ Staff Bereavement Leave 
GBJ Personnel Records and Files 
GBJA Disclosure of Information to Prospective Employees 
GBK Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances 
GBK-E Grievance Form 
GBK-R Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievance - Procedure 
GC Professional Staff 
GCA Professional Staff Positions 
GCA-E-1 Alternative Teacher Contract 
GCB Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans 
GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedules 
GCBA-E-1 Salary Schedule 
GCBA-R Professional Staff Salary Schedules 
GCBC Supplementary Pay Plans 
GCBC-E Extra Duty Pay Schedule 
GCBD Staff Benefits 
GCB-E-2 Administrator Contract 
GCCAA-E Sick Leave Bank Application 
GCCAA/GCCBA Instructional/Administrative Staff Sick/Other Leave 
GCCAA/GCCBBA-R Instructional/Administrative Staff Sick/Other Leave 
GCCAA-R Sick Leave Bank 
GCE/GCF Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring 
GCE/GCF-R Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring 
GCGA Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment 
GCGB Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes 
GCHA Mentor Teachers/Administrators 
GCHC Professional Staff Induction Program 
GCI Professional Staff Development 
GCKA Instructional Staff Assignments and Transfers 
GCKAA Teacher Displacement 
GCKAA-R Teacher Displacement 
GCKB Administrative Staff Assignments and Transfers 
GCL Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars 
GCO Evaluation of Licensed Personnel 
GCOA-R Evaluation of Administrative Staff 
GCOA-R-1 Evaluation of Instructional Staff 
GCOA-R-2 Evaluation of Instructional Staff 
GCOE Evaluation of Evaluators 
GCQA Instructional Staff Reduction in Force 
GCQA-R Instructional Staff Reduction in Force 
GCQC/GCQD Resignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff 
GCQC/GCQD-R Resignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff 
GCQE Retirement of Professional Staff Members 
GCQF Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff 
GDA Support Staff Positions 
GDBA Support Staff Salaries 
GDBA-E-1 Bus Driver Salary Schedule 
GDBA-E-2 Support Staff Salary Schedule 
GDBC Support Staff Supplementary Pay Plans 
GDBE Central Office Support Staff Flex Time Policy 
GDB-E-1 Letter of Assignment 
GDB-E-2 Letter of Assignment 
GDB-E-3 Salaried Support Staff Assignment 
GDCA Support Staf Sick Leave 
GDCA-R Support Staff Sick Leave 
GDD Support Staff Vacations and Holidays 
GDE/GDF Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring 
GDE/GDF-R Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring 
GDG Part-time and Substitute Support Staff Employment 
GDO Evaluation of Support Staff 
GDQB Resignation of Support Staff 
GDQD Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff 
Showing 87 items