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I Policies

Section I contains policies, regulations and exhibits on the instructional program.  This section covers basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources and academic achievement.  It includes policies about the school year, school day, grading, graduation requirements, home schooling, school library and media center, textbook selection and adoption, field trips, teaching methods and school ceremonies.
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IA Instructional Goals 
ICA-E Yearly Calendar 
IC/ICA School Year Calendar 
IE Organization of Instruction 
IGA Curriculum Development 
IGD Curriculum Adoption 
IGF Curriculum Review 
IHA Basic Instructional Program 
IHAE Physical Education 
IHAI Health Education 
IHAM Health Education 
IHAMA Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco 
IHAMB Family Life/Sex Education 
IHAM-R,B-R,C-R Exemption Procedure - Health Ed/Sex Ed/HIV/AIDS Education 
IHAQ Work Experience Opportunities 
IHA-R Basic Instructional Program (Reg) 
IHBA Special Education Programs for Students with Disabilities 
IHBB Gifted and Talented Education 
IHBD Compensatory Education 
IHBEA English Language Learners 
IHBG Home Schooling 
IHBHD Online Courses/Learning 
IHBIB Primary/Preprimary Education 
IHBIB-R Primary/Preprimary Education (Reg) 
IHBIB-R-1 Primary/Preprimary Education (Reg) 
IHCDA Concurrent Education 
IHCDA-R Concurrent Enrollment 
IJ Instructional Materials 
IJJ Textbook Selection 
IJL Library Materials Selection and Adoption 
IJNDA Online Instruction 
IJOA Field Trip 
IK Academic Achievement 
IKA Grading Assessment 
IKAB Report Cards/Progress Reports 
IKA-R Grading/Assessment Systems (Exemption Procedure and Information to Parents/Guardians) 
IKB Homework 
IKC GPA/Class Rank 
IKE Promotion, Retention and Acceleration 
IKF Graduation Requirements 
IKFA Early Graduation 
IKFA-R Early Graduation 
IKFB Graduation Exercises 
IL Evaluation of Instructional Programs 
ILBA District Program Assessment 
ILBB State Program Assessments 
ILBC Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension (READ Act) 
ILBC-R Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension (Imp) Reg 
IMA Teaching Methods 
IMBB Exemptions from Required Instruction 
IMDB Flag Displays 
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