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J Policies

Section J of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on students -- admission, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.
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Addendum National Conventions and Competitions 
JB Equal Educational Opportunities 
JBB Sexual Harassment 
JEA Compulsory Attendance Ages 
JEB Entrance Age Requirements 
JF Admission and Denial of Admission 
JFABD Homeless Students 
JFABD-R Homeless Students 
JFAB/JFABA Nonresident Tuition Charges 
JFBA Intra-District Choice/Open Enrollment 
JFBA-R Intra-District Choice/Open Enrollment 
JFBB Intra-District Choice/Open Enrollment 
JFBB-E Application for Nonresident Admission 
JFBB-R Intra-District Choice-Open Enrollment 
JFC Student Withdrawal from School/Dropouts 
JFC-R Student Withdrawal fro School/Dropouts 
JGA Assignment of New Students to Classes and Grade Levels 
JH Student Absences and Excuses 
JHB Truancy 
JHCA Closed Campus 
JHD Exemptions from School Attendance 
JIC Student Conduct 
JICA Student Dress Code 
JICC Student Conduct on Vehicles 
JICDA Code of Conduct 
JICDD Violent and Aggressive Behavior 
JICDE Bullying Prevention and Education 
JICEA School Related Student Publication 
JICEA-R Student Related Student Publications 
JICEC Student Distribution of Non-Curricular Materials 
JICEC-R Student Distribution of Non-Curricular Materials 
JICED Student Expressing Rights 
JICF Secret Societies/Gand Activity 
JICF-R Secret Societies/Gang Activities 
JICH Drug and Alcohol Involvement of Students 
JICH-R Drug and Alcohol Use by Students 
JICI Weapons in School 
JICJ Student Use of Electronic Communication Devices 
JID Student of Legal Age 
JIH Student Interviews, Interrogations, Searches and Arrests 
JIHB Parking Lot Searches 
JII Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances 
JII-E Grievance Form 
JII-R Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances 
JJ Student Activities - CoCurricular and ExtraCurricular 
JJA Student Organization (Secondary Schools) 
JJE Student Fundraising Activities 
JJH Student Travel 
JJIB Interscholastic Sports 
JJJ Extracurricular Activity Eligibility 
JJJ-R Extracurricular Activity Eligibility 
JJ-R Curricular and Extracurricular Programs 
JK Student Discipline 
JK-2 Discipline of Student with Disabilities 
JKA Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint 
JKA-R Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint 
JKB Detention of Students 
JKBA Disciplinary Removal of Classroom 
JKBA-R Disciplinary Removal from Classroom 
JKD/JKE Suspension/Expulsion of Students (and other interventions) 
JKD/JKE-R Suspension/Expulsion of Students (Hearing Procedures) 
JKF Educational Alternatives for Expelled Students 
JKG Expulsion Prevention 
JK-R School Discipline 
JLA Student Insurance Program 
JLC Student Health Services and Records 
JLCB Immunization of Students 
JLCB-R Immunization of Students 
JLCC Communicable Infectious Diseases 
JLCCA Students with HIV/AIDS 
JLCCA-R Students with HIV/AIDS 
JLCD Administering Medications to Students 
JLCD Administering Medications to Students 
JLCDA Students with Food Allergies 
JLCD-E Permission for Medication 
JLCD-R Administering Medications to Students 
JLCE First Aid 
JLDAC/JLDAC-E Screening/Testing of Student (and treatment of mental disorders) 
JLF Reporting Child Abuse 
JLF-R Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection 
JLIA Supervision of Students 
JLIB Student Dismissal 
JLIE Student Automobile Use 
JLJ Physical Activity 
JQ Student Fees, Fines and Charges 
JRA/JRC Student Records/Release of Information on Students 
JRA/JRC-E-1 Student Records Release of Information on Students 
JRA/JRC-R Student Records Release of Information on Students 
JRCA Sharing of Student Records/Info Between School District and State Agencies 
JS Student Use of Internet and Electronic Communications 
JS-E Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications 
Showing 91 items