Fact Sheet for Wray School District – Category 2

Wray School District

30222 CR 35

Wray, CO  80758

This information has been prepared to assist those service providers interested on bidding on services listed on the form 470 14590001311952 for the 2015-16 funding year. 

Bid Requirements:

1.  Email (tech@wrayschools.org) will be the only consideration for asking questions related to bidding.  Questions and answers will be posted weekly on this website.  No phone calls will be returned.   It is the responsibility of the Service Provider to remain up to date on questions and answers. 

2.  Bids must be complete and emailed no later than Feb. 27, 2015, 5:00 PM, MST.

3.  Bids will only be consider after an onsite visit.

4.  Must connect with existing wireless system, district-wide.  

5.  Include any required switches, cabling required for project.

6.  Cost allocation by building.