Employee Injury Reporting

If your injury is life- or limb-threatening, please go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Worker's Compensation Process following an Injury:

  1. Employee notifies supervisor immediately.
    1. Employee may elect to seek treatment from a provider on the Designated Provider List and will notify HR and supervisor if they are unable to return to work. If you choose your own doctor, it may result in medical benefits not being covered.
      1. Employee will provide HR with any plan for modified duty requested by treating physician prior to or upon returning to work.
    2. Employee can choose to not seek treatment but must still notify supervisor and HR of injury.
  2. Employee notifies HR Director of injury within four (4) working days, best practice is within 24 hours.
  3. Employee completes Employee Injury Report and returns to HR within four (4) business days.
  4. HR will contact injured employee to complete the First Report of Injury Form and provide the Designated Provider List Notification Letter.
  5. HR will submit form to Risk Administration Services, Inc., Workman's Comp Provider, and obtain an injury claim number.
  6. HR will deliver claim number to injured employee within 24 hours of submitting form.
  7. HR will periodically check up on injured employee until the employee is discharged from care.


Policy GBGD - Workers Compensation

Injured Worker Forms:

Supervisor Form:

Report all injuries to:

Department Supervisor &

Human Resources Director within 24 hours of the injury.