The Wray School District gifted and talented program is district-based and begins either in third or fourth grade. Gifted and talented students are identified after enough evidence has been gathered to support entrance into the program. This evidence comes from data, recommendations, observations and student work. These students receive a variety of enrichment and acceleration experiences that meet their advanced learning needs. Students in Colorado are identified as gifted and talented in a variety of areas such as: Math, Reading, Writing and the Arts. The state also has gifted classification in other areas, for more information please visit the Colorado Department of Education website:

Students in the program are provided the opportunity to attend various statewide and regional enrichment camps and they have the opportunity to participate in various math and science competitions, as well as, reading and writing showcases. Our third through sixth grade students can also participate in the District Destination Imagination program. This is a creative problem solving, team based program. Wray schools are represented during the Regional competitions by our Elementary and Middle school teams coached by Janna Baker and Patty Adler.

If you have any questions about our gifted and talented program please see your grade level gifted and talented coordinator.

For more information, please contact Riley Williams, 5-12 G/T Coordinator at ; Kaity Tesdal, 3-4 G/T Coordinator G/T Information provided by NEBOCES