Volunteering is as easy as 1-2-3!


1. Yearly Volunteer Agreement Form

2. Background Check Form (Yearly) - Only fill Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, SSN, DOB, Address History and sign on the 3rd page. Everything else is not required for this type of background check.

These forms are in PDF format with editable fields.

*If you prefer a printed copy, contact the HR Department.

Once the District Office receives the complete documents and the background check is clear, the volunteer will be approved at next Board of Education Regular Meeting.

Volunteers must submit an agreement form each year so all departments and buildings are aware of who has been authorized to volunteer.

Approved volunteers will receive a volunteer ID badge that must be worn while helping in classrooms/ school buildings.

Volunteers will also be required to sign in with the building secretary when helping during the school day.

We appreciate your time in completing these documents!

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